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First Day of Issue 26th February 2016

We are delighted to announce the release of our new stamp issue, celebrating the launch of a new album called ‘Summer Isles’ by local musician Mairearad Green on 26th February 2016.

The Highlands and Islands are bursting with music, so when Mairearad told us she waswriting an album inspired by the Summer Isles it seemed the perfect opportunity to develop a new issue of stamps: our first since 2013. Mairearad’s family have lived for generations in Achnahaird on the mainland peninsular of Coigach, so the Summer Isles have always been part of her life.

Mairearad at Tigh an Quay

This latest Issue is entitled ‘Island Music’ and features four stunning photographs of Mairearad, her accordion, and the Island - taken by local friend and photographer Peter Haring, who lives in Polbain overlooking the Summer Isles. The ‘First Day Cover’ - an envelope bearing all four stamps cancelled with a specially designed frank – is illustrated by Mairearad. 

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Mairearad’s writing process involved many weeks of researching, sketching an

First Day Cover

d photographing the islands, speaking to locals, and taking boat trips over to Tanera Mòr with Bill on our boat the MV Patricia.

The lyrics of Mairearad's songs are inspired by poems by local artist and poet Jan Kilpatrick (who has run courses on Tanera for many years, and is running 'See Sound, Sea Shore' in September 2016), as well as a book of poems by Mairearad's relative Neil Macleod, and also Frank Fraser Darling's 'Island Farm' - the subject of the 2011 Summer Isles stamp issue. You can read more about Mairearad's work at

Mairearad’s first solo album ‘Passing Places’ (also inspired by the landscape and culture of the area) won her the title of ‘Composer of the Year’ at the Scots Trad Music Awards in 2009...and can often be heard playing in the cafe on Tanera. ‘Summer Isles’ is a seamless progression from Mairearad’s previous work, and features various other musicians including legendary singer/songwriter King Creosote and Mike Vass, to name but two. Scroll down a wee bit to listen to Mairearad's song 'A Tanera Talisman', title of the 1PS stamp.

2016 - Island Music Stamps

These beautiful stamps and the First Day Covers - as well as Mairearad's gorgeous album - can be purchased on this site or, if you can wait until Spring, come and visit us in the Summer Isles Post Office on Tanera, and browse our collection. 

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First Day Cover
First Day Cover - limited edition, signed by Mairearad and Peter
Mint Set (set of the 4 stamps)
'Summer Isles' by Mairearad Green - CD music album

For the Philatelists:

Miniature Sheet (set of 4 stamps with margins)
Mint Sheet (se-tenant + control sets) (8 stamps)
Mint counter sheet 8 x 35sg
Mint counter sheet 8 x 50sg
Mint counter sheet 8 x 80sg
Mint counter sheet 8 x 1PS

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Supporting Information
Date of issue 26th February 2016
Issuing Authority

Summer Isles Post Office

Research & Design Photographs by Peter Haring; Sketches by Mairearad Green; Design by Lillias Kinsman-Blake in association with the Summer Isles Philatelic Bureau
Printer Let’s Talk Print, Dundee
Process Offset Lithography - 4 designs, 4 colours
Material Self adhesive, unwatermarked
Stamp Size 40.15 x 30 mm
Separation Pierced matrix, kiss cut fauxperf
Sheet Size 206 x 86 mm (4x2) including margins
Sheet Format 2 in-line strips of 4 values; controls in lower margins. All values also printed in sheets of 8 (4x2) for counter use in the Post Office
Miniature Sheet Size 110 x 86 mm including margins
Miniature Sheet Format 4 values (2x2)
Cover Designer Lillias Kinsman-Blake
Cover Printer Let’s Talk Print, Dundee

35g Island Music
50sg Island Folk
80sg Tigh an Quay
1PS A Tanera Talisman

Additional Notes on Individual Stamps
The names of these stamps are inspired by lyrics on Mairearad’s album.
35sg Island Music
This photograph of Tanera Mòr with the mountains of Torridon in the background was taken from Polbain on the mainland, where the photographer Peter Haring lives.

50sg Island Folk
Musician Mairearad with her accordion at Tigh an Quay, on Tanera. Mairearad, Peter and
Jan Kilpatrick (on whose poems many of the lyrics are based) have all been influenced by the Summer Isles.

80sg Tigh an Quay
Tigh an Quay has often featured in Summer Isles Stamps. An impressive stone pier, it was
originally built in 1783 to support the herring industry. It was restored by Frank and Bobby
Fraser Darling in the 1940s and is still used regularly today.

1PS Tanera Talisman
The lyrics of this song are written by Jan Kilpatrick, full of natural wild talismans. It
seems that Mairearad’s precious accordion must be a talisman for her, bringing her luck
through life.

Covers, Leaflets, Filler Cards, Supplement sheets (everything but the stamps themselves!) are printed on Recycled Paper


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